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Pokemon Black Nuzlocke Randomizer

Note to The pokemon company : This is a FREE project that everyone can enjoy and should only be downloaded if the player has a real cartridge beside the randomizer. This is the actual game but modified so all pokemons are randomized, it is a good way to enjoy the game in a different way after spending so much good time playing the actual game. Thanks for understanding the kind purpose of this.

Pokemon Black Nuzlocke Randomizer

They are not the regular ones because it is actually a randomizer, and infortunately there is no way to reset the game and get different pokemons, ill post some more different versions when ill have the time to :)

Pokemon Black Randomizer is a 2-D Pokemon game for the Nintendo DS. It takes place in the Unova region, and follows the story of a new trainer named Nate, who has just set off on a journey to take on the Unova League, a Pokemon tournament. It is the first installment in the Pokemon Black and White series, and features an old group of Gym Leaders. The randomizer is an application that will run random code to generate a completely randomized version of the game Pokemon Black. It includes changes to item locations, trainer locations, wild pokemon encounters, and many other aspects of the game. 350c69d7ab


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