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SEAL Team Season 6 - Episode 8

Hudnut acknowledges that these questions are going to dominate the final two episodes of this season. "There's going to be collective survivor's guilt," he said. "As we've seen in the past, these guys are all in a way prepared to lose one of their teammates on the battlefield, but for this to happen when they think someone's home safe with their family, it's just a different pill to swallow for them. It's going to be harsh.

SEAL Team Season 6 - Episode 8

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Clay Spenser died in season 6, episode 8, titled "Aces and Eights," after finding Ben attempting to potentially harm himself and destroy an Air Force recruitment building. When Clay talked him down and grabbed a hold of his rifle, he ended up getting shot by a guard who misinterpreted the situation. Fans of SEAL Team and Thieriot's character were saddened by his unexpected departure, but Hudnut explained that Clay will always be a part of the series. Adding to that, many may be curious to see if Thieriot returns in some capacity, and the showrunner noted that it could be possible. Perhaps the biggest question following Clay's death and its effect on season 7 has to do with his wife, Stella (Alona Tal), and son, Brian, and how they will continue to be a part of the series moving forward.

In the season 6 finale, audiences saw last saw Jason (David Boreanaz), while getting a Navy Cross, reveal his brain injury to others and comment on his attempts to conceal it, resulting in him getting reprimanded. By the end, other Navy SEALs came to Jason's aid and shared their own struggles with various afflictions. Though there has been no news concerning the future of SEAL Team, Hudnut's ideas for a more hopeful season 7 would likely be welcomed by audiences. The drama surrounding Jason and the issue of untreated brain injuries, PTSD, and more are all areas the series can continue to explore with new episodes as well.

The series received a full-season order on October 12, 2017, bringing the first season to a total of 22 episodes.[20] On March 27, 2018, CBS renewed the series for a second season[21] which premiered on October 3, 2018.[22] On May 22, 2018, it was reported that both Cavell and Redlich were exiting their roles as executive producer and showrunner, and John Glenn replacing him as showrunner.[23] Spencer Hudnut replaced John Glenn as showrunner in 2019 after an internal probe by CBS that resulted in his dismissal and canceling of his overall deal.[24] On May 6, 2020, CBS renewed the series for a fourth season,[5] which premiered on December 2, 2020.[6] On May 14, 2021, it was reported the series was undergoing talks to move to the streaming service Paramount+ if renewed for a fifth season;[25] if a deal were reached, the series would air some of its fifth-season episodes on CBS before moving to Paramount+.[26] Four days later, the deal was finalized.[27] The fifth season premiered on October 10, 2021.[7]

Military drama SEAL Team follows the professional and personal lives of the most elite unit of Navy SEALs as they work together on dangerous missions they are sent on by the USA. The Paramount+ series has been airing its latest episodes in season six since last month and now the end is almost in sight. But where were the episodes making up the sixth outing of SEAL Team filmed?

Season 6 of SEAL Team has started airing on Paramount+. This post will be bumped during the season as new episodes are released.Let us know your thoughts as the season progresses in the comments below and vote in the poll.NOTE: Obviously people will be posting their thoughts/reactions to the season as a whole, so there will be spoilers in the comments. We advise you not to read the comments until you have watched the latest available episode.NOTE: You can change your vote as the season progresses.POLL : What did you think of SEAL Team - Season 6? 041b061a72

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