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Charles Mikheev
Charles Mikheev

Darksiders 2 Crucible Pass Code Generator 2013 25

Imagine you're a kid and you've just built up a reputation of 100-ish. If you get a private message with an offer for a badge or discount code, you might just want to go to bed, and who's going to offer you that? I'm guessing that almost nobody will, and instead, you'll have to wait a long time to get that badge. Eventually an "acceptable" number of people will be reached, and then the system will be implemented.

Darksiders 2 Crucible Pass Code Generator 2013 25

Darksiders 3 is such a passion project for us, and we have decided to dedicate some of our own time to creating a true sequel. We are a small team, but rest assured, the game will include genuine Ur-Quan, Precursors, Super-Melee, Umgah, VUX, Supox, THE ULTRON!, Druuge, Arilou Lalee'lay, Orz, Androsynth, Rainbow Worlds, Ilwrath, Syreen, Mmrnmhrm, Yehat, Shofixti, Spathi (including the ever-terrified Fwiffo), Umgah, Melmorme, Chmmr, Earthlings, Mycon, THE MARK II!, Slylandro, Utwig, Thraddash, Zoq-Fot-Pik, VUX Beast, Pkunk, the Keel-Verezy, and of course all new alien races to discover, befriend...and/or be annigilate... I mean annihigate.. Damn! Well, you get the idea.

The Nemesis System is such a great tool, and it generates some awesome stories, so it's difficult to imagine a game where it wouldn't improve it in some fashion. Imagine dropping it into just about any true RPG world and the results would be glorious. Fallout with Nemesis could end up with battles against raiders that actually mean more than yet another generic shootout. You go into a city where the raiders have been happily picking off passersby for years, wipe them out, and discover one of them lived and now holds a grudge against you and your settlements. Or what if one of the thousands of ants, radscorpions, or bloatflies was to come back with his friends Even better, a deathclaw nemesis that comes back stronger and uglier each time you defeat it would be terrifying! Please, Bethesda, make it happen.


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