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Sebastian Wilson
Sebastian Wilson

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in the infraworks environment, both the client and the design team can access each other's models in a real time mode, thanks to the cloud technology in the system. this makes visualization of the information in real time possible in both work areas.

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infraworks operates in a highly dynamic environment and it is not suitable for creating models, which does not have any changes that are known in advance, the software continues to use the same version as the last time when the project was configured. automatic and rational upgrade to the most current version at any time. design with comfort.

within the visualization of the results in the cloud, x-force provides a wide range of models, animations and visualizations of the project, enabling the client to view the results in full from a browser,

x-force even provides a module for the integration of the project with the erp / cms of the client, exposing all the files and documents associated with the project in a web browser and having the necessary communications to allow client-to-client (client to client), client-to-content (client to content) and client-to-project (client to project).

infraworks in parallel workflows. one architecture and the other project flows. this allows you to follow the same design simultaneously in different stages, creating, analyzing and documenting the parts of the project.

infraworks you can see and improve the operation of the project. an example of a project-wide analysis plan implemented with infraworks is to verify the progress of the project from the construction phase, to carry out the health checks and show quality in the design of projects and progress to the client. in his case, the health check is to verify that all buildings comply with the relevant codes and standards and it will be possible to simulate the use of the building, identify areas of the building that need repair, auxiliary works or generate a design to be reviewed with architects and contractors.


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