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Charles Mikheev
Charles Mikheev

Metro Exodus: Gold Edition PC-Spiel Herunterladen

After the Battle for D6, Artyom along with his wife Anna, leave the Order to settle down at VDNKh station. However, Artyom's growing paranoia and his dreams of leaving the metro lead him to regularly go up to the surface to attempt to tune into any outside radio broadcasts. During one such expedition, Artyom, on his way to his home station, is wounded by a pack of watchmen and is narrowly saved by a small detachment of Rangers. Colonel Miller rebukes him for his frequent travels on the surface, and personally travels to Exhibition to offer Artyom and Anna a place in the order once again, this time training new recruits from the comfort of Polis.

Metro Exodus: Gold Edition PC-Spiel herunterladen



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